Join us at the 34th Annual National Workshop

The National Workshop will take place in-person at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre
located at 200 Coventry Road, Ottawa, ON K1K 4S3

Organizing Committee:

  • Carolyn Montague, CIPMM President and Workshop Co-Chair, Performance Management Network Inc.
  • Caroline Landry, Workshop Co-Chair, Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Mathieu Lemieux, Workshop Co-Chair, Public Safety Canada
  • Michael Rainville, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Bronwynn Guymer, Department of National Defence
  • Richard Quinn, Department of National Defence
  • Tamara McNulty, Parks Canada 
  • Nicole Hoskins, Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Catherine St-Louis, Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Nadia Boulanger, GC Surplus, Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Jessica Barthelet, GC Surplus, Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Nadia Kelly, Shared Services Canada
  • Natalia Kaliberda, Event Planner, The Willow Group
  • Nisarg Toliya, Event Coordinator, The Willow Group

 Register to the Workshop

In September 2017, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat published the Guide to Travel, Hospitality, Conference and Event Expenditures. This guide provides best practices for implementing the Treasury Board Directive of the same name. This guide defines what is considered a conference or an event, and what is considered training, It also establishes the responsibility for the government-wide functional lead to objectively determine, on a case- by-case basis, whether a large information sharing or learning session are to be considered conferences or training.

On September 15, 2017 the Comptroller General of Canada, the government-wide functional lead for procurement and materiel management, determined that the CIPMM Annual National Workshop is to be considered training! This means that departments no longer need to request conference and event approval to send delegates to the National Workshop.

Departments simply need to follow their regular training approval processes. For more information on this decision, please refer to the Guide at

You can also find the table indicating the Comptroller General’s decision at Please note that these two links are only accessible on the Government of Canada network.














Master Classes

Master Class #1 Principles of Tender Evaluation


This course provides a set of high-level principles to help you plan and deliver effective tender evaluations that produce robust competition results. These are proven to reduce the risk of legal challenge and increase the chance of better value for money outcomes. The course discusses best practice guidance and methodologies, designed to help you make better supplier selection decisions. It focuses on helping you to improve value for money, make robust and defensible decisions and meet legislative and regulatory requirements during the strategic procurement process. The course addresses the entire evaluation at the wavetop level and is based on our experience across a wide variety of procurements. You’ll understand how an evaluation model should be developed and learn techniques for defining and structuring key criteria, weighting these criteria and measuring them. Via our best practice evaluation methods, we’ll show how you can optimise reporting and analysis to help deliver successful procurement project outcomes.

The PTE course uses both fun quizzes and interactive small group discussions to allow participants to learn and share their experiences with other students.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the key elements of a procurement evaluation
  • Understand key factors to designing and choosing an appropriate evaluation strategy
  • Understand how to improve value for money
  • Know how to use criteria design, weighting, and Value for Money calculation method selection to control risk
  • Identify important factors in planning an Evaluation


Drew Schlosser, Professional Services Director and Principal Procurement Consultant, Commerce Decisions Ltd.
Drew Schlosser works for Commerce Decisions, where he is the Principal Services Director, responsible for consulting services and training delivery for the North America Sector and UK. Since joining Commerce Decisions in 2019, Drew has provided thought leadership and expert advice to several DND Major Crown Projects, including Future Aircrew Training, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, Logistics Vehicle Modernization, Strategic Tanker Transport Capability, Victoria Class In-service Support 2, and Light Utility Vehicle.

Drew is a 23-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy, where he was responsible for managing a number of materiel management programs and procurement projects, including bid evaluation design for the Canadian Surface Combatant, one of Canada’s largest procurements to date.

Danielle Moore, Senior Procurement Consultant, Commerce Decisions Canada Ltd.
Danielle Moore is a Senior Procurement Consultant who resides in Stittsville, ON. She came to Commerce Decisions after a 31-year career with the Royal Canadian Navy where she started on the West Coast serving on the HMCS OTTAWA frigate and HMCS ALGONQUIN destroyer. She served in Portsmouth, UK as a Trials officer for new communication, navigation, and command and control systems.  And has spent the last 12 years working in Gatineau as the project manager for several key in-service support projects. She oversaw teams progressing high value replacement and acquisition projects on both the marine and weapon system side of the house and served as the Supportability lead on the Canadian Surface Combatant project.  Since joining Commerce Decisions in 2021, she has worked with FAcT, STTC, VISSC 2, and the LUV projects helping them to develop their Bid Tender evaluation as well as provided training to procurement team members in Canada.

Master Class #2 - Trade Agreements


Trade agreements help to foster global competition and innovation and greatly expand the potential marketplace for Canadian goods and services. However, they also provide suppliers, goods, and services of Canada’s trade partners with access to the Canadian marketplace, including certain Canadian procurements. Canada is Party to 12 trade agreements that contain substantive obligations for government procurement activities. This presentation provides detailed information on the government procurement obligations of Canada’s trade agreements, including:

  • the purpose of trade agreements and how they are negotiated;
  • how to determine when trade agreements apply, as well as an overview of commodity codes;
  • the normal procedural rules of the trade agreements; and
  • exceptions, set-asides, and other trade agreement flexibilities.


Kelly Mackenzie, Senior Policy Advisor – Trade Agreements, Public Services and Procurement Canada
Kelly has worked for the Trade Agreements team at Public Services and Procurement Canada for over seven years. As part of this team, Kelly has supported the negotiation of the government procurement chapter of several trade agreements and has been responsible for implementing the procurement obligations of any new trade agreements at her Department. Kelly has significant experience providing advice and guidance on trade agreement obligations to procurement officers across Canada.

Julia Khodos, Junior Policy Analyst, Acquisitions Branch, Public Services and Procurement Canada
Julia is a Policy Analyst within the Trade Policy Team of the Acquisition Program’s Strategic Policy Sector at Public Services and Procurement Canada. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management, complemented by a Master’s in European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies. Embarking on her journey in the federal public service as a Communications Officer, Julia’s passion for international trade policy steered her toward her current position. Over the span of three years, she has contributed to the negotiation of several trade agreements and has addressed countless trade-related inquiries from federal buyers.

Master Class #3 - Green Procurement Superhero Training Camp


Does climate change have you feeling blue? Do you want to do more to integrate green procurement in your day to day work but not sure where to begin? Never fear – Green Procurement Superhero Training Camp is here!

This master class is designed for intermediate to experienced procurement and materiel management professionals looking for additional knowledge of tools available to them, and types of environmental criteria which can and must be used in solicitations, contracts and standing offers, among others. A group exercise will provide participants with an opportunity to apply what they have learned to enable deeper understanding of the issues and techniques. 

Pre-requisites: Participants should ensure they have completed CSPS COR405 and/or participated in a CIPMM green procurement presentation or PSPC green procurement info session. BYOC (bring your own cape).


Jennifer Legere, Senior Policy Analyst, Strategic Policy Sector, Public Services and Procurement Canada
Jen Legere is a Senior Policy Analyst in the Green and Clean Technology Procurement Technical Team in Public Services and Procurement Canada Acquisitions Program’s Strategic Policy Sector. She holds a BSc in Marine Biology and Environmental Science, an MSc. in Biology and a certificate in teaching and learning, all from Dalhousie University. She started her career in the Federal government in the Acquisitions Program Intern Officer (IO) Program, and has worked in both operational procurement and procurement policy at PSPC, RCMP and Environment and Climate Change Canada where she led the Strategic Procurement and Governance team.

Dr. Julian Cleary, Senior Policy Analyst, Green and Clean Technology Procurement Technical Team, Public Services and Procurement Canada
Julian Cleary is a Senior Policy Analyst and Manager of the Low-Carbon Procurement Project in the Green and Clean Technology Procurement Team at Public Services and Procurement Canada. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and is an expert in life cycle assessment.

Master Class #4 - Important Considerations in Federal Indigenous Procurement


Explore the potential of Indigenous procurement within the Federal Government by joining our comprehensive master class. This immersive experience delves into crucial tools and considerations essential for fostering meaningful Indigenous participation in government procurements. Participants will gain practical insights, best practices, and hands-on guidance on developing effective procurement plans that align with the unique needs of Indigenous businesses.

The morning session will include a blanket exercise that fosters a deeper understanding of history and culture of Indigenous peoples. This immersive exercise sets the stage for a respectful exploration of Indigenous procurement considerations.

The afternoon session delves into hearing first hand, real-world, experiences from Indigenous suppliers who procured with the federal government. The subsequent session guides participants through practical exercises, exploring evaluation criteria and the significance of Indigenous Participation Plans. The day will then conclude with a comprehensive recap and focus on next steps for the procurement coordinators network.


  • better understanding of the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in the land we now know as Canada.
  • greater awareness of beneficial strategies for Procurements that involving Indigenous businesses
  • practical exercises and better understanding of Indigenous participation plans

Note: There is an interactive component in the morning.


Tim Dymond, Manager, Engagement and Consultation, TIPS, Indigenous Services Canada
Tim works in the Transformative Indigenous Procurement Strategy Directorate at Indigenous Services Canada where he manages the Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business and the Indigenous Business Directory. He provides policy advice and guidance to the procurement community, as well as supports and educates Indigenous business owners looking to sell their goods and services to the Government of Canada. Prior to working with Indigenous Services Canada, Tim was with Public Services and Procurement Canada where he was focused on the development of standard templates and tools for contracting officers to include in their solicitations to increase the representation of Indigenous businesses and Peoples in federal procurement. He also led the implementation of the Nunavut Directive, providing support to contracting authorities working on procurement files in Nunavut and other Modern Treaty areas. Tim is a veteran of the Canadian Forces, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Manitoba.

Danny Chase, President and founder of Chase Office Interiors
Danny Chase is the President and founder of Chase Office Interiors, which has offices in Vancouver, Chilliwack, and Victoria. Danny is from the Kwanlin Dun First Nation in Whitehorse, Yukon. He started his business in 2003 after tripping into the office furniture industry and seeing an opportunity to bring a fresh approach to a mature industry. Initially, Chase Office Interiors focused 100% of its business with the federal government through its Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business Program. Now, his company is on the hunt to earn the #2 position in the mainstream office furniture industry in the province of BC.

Master Class #5 - Design Thinking for Complex Environments


In the realm of procurement, cultivating the right mindset is key to navigating change and fostering innovation. A dynamic mindset empowers professionals to drive efficiency and clarity within their teams, inspiring collaborative action and influencing positive outcomes. 

Join acclaimed speaker, author, and entrepreneur Nilufer Erdebil in an interactive masterclass that explores the transformative power of mindset in procurement. Discover how to leverage the innovative human-centered design methodology of The Deeper Clarity Method™ to streamline procurement processes, enhance team collaboration, and achieve sustainable success. Through engaging activities and real-world examples, you’ll gain practical insights and tools to implement the Deeper Clarity Method in your procurement practices, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in every step of the procurement lifecycle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Essential components of a dynamic mindset and strategies to cultivate it for optimal results.
  • Insights from successful implementation of the Deeper Clarity Method in procurement projects, highlighting the importance of deeper understanding and collaboration. 
  • Interactive exercises to apply human-centered design principles to procurement challenges.
  • Practical tips and techniques for integrating the Deeper Clarity Method into procurement workflows, driving efficiency and clarity within the team.


Nilufer Erdebil, CEO and Founder, Spring2 Innovation
Nilufer Erdebil is an award-winning design thinking expert, TEDx and TEC speaker, and the author of “Future Proofing by Design: Creating Better Services and Teams in the Public Sector.” With over 25 years of experience, she has been a driving force for change and strategy in both the public and private sectors. As the CEO of Spring2 Innovation, a renowned innovation and design thinking training company, Nilufer has been instrumental in mobilizing teams and facilitating transformation in both the public and private sectors. 

Her extensive background in telecommunications, application development, program management, and IT management has provided her with a profound understanding of the diverse business challenges organizations face today. Through her expertise and leadership, Nilufer continues to inspire organizations to embrace innovation and create impactful solutions.

Master Class #6 - Leading Change in a Materiel World


During this master class we will explore some change management tools and approaches that can help in overcoming organizational inertia and improve materiel management in your organizations. The focus will be on real approaches that have been tried and tested in practical situations and which generated the most sustainable and consistent results. The methodologies are easily transferable from project to project and organization to organization helping to align governance and oversight, policy, implementation and execution, validation and reporting.


Bronwynn Guymer, Section Head, SMPP 7, Materiel Policy and Procedures, Department of National Defence
Bronwynn Guymer, a 28-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, is currently the Senior Policy Analyst for Materiel Management in DND and the CAF. She has extensive Materiel Management experience from operational front-line units up to corporate oversight and coordination. She has completed the Certified Supply Chain Transformation Architect Training, is certified in Supply Chain Operations Reference Model and has led multiple change initiatives within DND.

Becky Ladouceur, Team Lead, Materiel Management Policy Development, Department of National Defence
Becky is the Team Lead for Materiel Management Policy Development, a position that requires a comprehensive knowledge of the integration between the different functional areas of the Defence Supply Chain. Her team conducts research and analysis before developing or amending policies in the Supply Administration Manual to support the business of the National Defence in Canada and abroad. Becky is part of the recently established Materiel Management Community Update initiative that serves to engage directly with members at all levels of the community in order to provide materiel management related information.

Master Class #7 - GCSurplus Client Interface and Finance


Join us for an immersive learning experience at the GCSurplus Client Interface Masterclass tailored to equip employees or materiel management professionals with advanced skills and insights into optimizing their interactions with the GCSurplus platform.

Our comprehensive curriculum will guide you through various topics, including registering and navigating our client interface, submitting reports of surplus, making amendments and understanding what happens with the proceeds from sales tailoring the platform to your organization’s needs, diving into the realm of GCTransfer, and deciphering the financial intricacies of divesting assets through GCSurplus. 

By attending the GCSurplus Client Interface Masterclass, you will leave with a wealth of knowledge and practical skills that can be immediately applied to enhance your organization’s divestment processes. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to elevate your expertise in surplus asset divestment.


Karen Da Silva, GCSurplus, Customer Service and Operations Supervisor, Public Services and Procurement Canada

Karen Da Silva has been the Customer Service and Operations Supervisor at GCSurplus since April of 2023, as well as a Certified Federal Specialist in Materiel Management. She joined GCSurplus in 2018 as a Sales Representative and since then, has been assisting over 100 Federal Departments and Agencies as well as other provincial and municipal entities with divestment strategies and inquiries. She is passionate about establishing strong relationships with clients and providing the best advice and guidance to ensure fair, open, and transparent divestment options, while still achieving the best value for the Crown.

Jean-Alec Delorme, Finance and HR Team Lead, GCSurplus, Public Services and Procurement Canada

Jean-Alec has been the finance and HR team lead for GCSurplus since the Fall of 2022. Having joined GCSurplus as a business analyst for the GCMil program in 2018, he has occupied several positions within the organization and his experience ranges from integrated corporate planning to business analytics, to finance and human resources. His team of experts supports the GCSurplus program and navigates the unique challenges associated with operating a cost-recovery organization that is mandated with divesting surplus assets across all Federal Departments.

Christian Rioux, IT Project Team Lead, GCSurplus, Public Services and Procurement Canada

Christian joined GCSurplus in January 2022 and has been IT Project Team Lead since August 2023. He is an entrepreneur with over 18 years of business experience in payment solutions, loyalty programs, retail, and web-based project management. As a team lead, he uses the knowledge he has acquired throughout his career to implement new functions and tools on GCSurplus’ IT platforms. In his spare time, Christian loves to cook and watch Formula 1 racing.

Master Class #8 - Power Up Your Presentation Skills


Impress your audience. Build your confidence. Destress yourself. Are you ok at public speaking and presenting to stakeholders, but know you could do better. Is your anxiety about presenting holding you back in your career? We are all called upon to present ideas, suggestions and options, often with very little time to prepare. Presentation skills is a crucial skill for the procurement and material management community and the great news is that everyone can learn to do it well. Al will walk you through some communication and confidence tips he has learned during his 35 years in business and a lifetime of being on stage. Please come prepared with a presentation topic, as Al will walk you through various individual exercises to build the perfect” presentation that will impact your audience and gain confidence for yourself.


Al Garlinski, President, Garlinski Training & Consulting
Al Garlinski is owner of Garlinski Training & Consulting. He is currently a faculty member for the University of Winnipeg and Supply Chain Canada, where he teaches Supply Chain Management, Negotiations, Risk Management and Communications. He is a retired public servant after spending 35 years with procurement for Public Services Procurement Canada (PSPC). He was awarded the PSPC National Award of Excellence for Outstanding Career in 2022 and has been the recipient of the “Mentor of the Year” award from the University of Alberta School of Business program. He earned his professional designation in Supply Chain Management with Supply Chain Canada and was awarded the prestigious Fellowship designation for his lifetime commitment with teaching, coaching and mentoring. He also has a professional designation with the Institute of Supply Management.  Al is a tireless animal rescue advocate, and founder of IRun4rescue, a running team committed to making a difference in the lives of animals.



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Room type: One King Bed or Two Queen Beds.
Check-in time is 4:00 pm. Check-out time is 11:00 pm.
Complimentary Parking On-Site.
The Hotel will provide the complimentary WiFI in the guest rooms.



Keynote Topic: The Unauthorized Biography Series 

Keynote Description: 

Shaun Boothe is an award-winning hip-hop artist, TED speaker, and creator of ‘The Unauthorized Biography Series’ – a critically acclaimed musical project that celebrates the world’s greatest cultural icons through biographical rap songs – Repackaging History through Hip-Hop.

After spending 10+ years in the music industry, sharing stages with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lauryn Hill, and Kendrick Lamar, a search for a more purposeful path led Shaun to the lecture circuit. It was here where he discovered how his Unauthorized Biography Series, combined with his passion for speaking, could be used as a powerful tool to both entertain and inspire others to achieve their own greatness.

Today, he’s here to share his presentation with us. Please help me in welcoming our keynote speaker, Shaun Boothe.


Shaun Boothe – Creator of the Unauthorized Biography Series

Shaun Booth is an award-winning hip-hop artist and world-renowned speaker who has gained recognition for his ‘Unauthorized Biography Series’, a critically acclaimed musical project that is a unique celebration of some of the world’s most influential cultural icons. Featuring iconic figures such as Bob Marley, Terry Fox, Chris Hadfield, Malala Yousafzai, Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., among others , Shaun Boothe educates and inspires through a series of biographical hip-hop tracks, revitalizing their stories and legacy in a way that is one of a kind.

Shaun has shared stages with several prominent celebrities such as Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Lauryn Hill. His innovative and creative work has garnered attention in the entertainment industry, including commendation from Diddy (also Boothe’s sixth icon in his series), and features in global publications and media outlets.

After spending over ten years in the music industry, Boothe decided to focus on his passion for motivating others through his work. He has since then become a successful motivational speaker and performing artist, moving others to achieve their own greatness.

Shaun’s series has been presented at events around the world, campuses, associations, and corporations, including TEDx, Queens School of Business, and to hundreds of thousands of people in various performing arts centre’s around the world.


Keynote Topic: 

Keynote Description:

JUNE 5 – Stephanie Staples – Helping Busy Professionals Revitalize Their Work & Life

Stephanie Staples is a master motivator who criss-crossed the country inspiring busy professionals to find more time, energy & motivation to sustainably improve their quality of life. Thanks to COVID, she’s been Zooming around the continent helping to revitalize exasperated professionals!

She is the author of four books and is featured in print globally sharing her unique take on success, and her message that redefines the typical approach to wellness. She is also a ‘Specialized psycho-social employee-wellness & workplace-health services consultant’ for Health Canada and a professional MC (Emcee/Master of Ceremonies)! For over 5 years she hosted/produced momondays Winnipeg (Motivational Mondays), a super-fun and uplifting evening that brought hundreds of people together every month for ideas, insight and inspiration. 

As a Healthcare consultant, she works with everyone from front line staff to physicians to the CEO’s, to help them grow themselves strong and serve their patients and colleagues with excellence. In 2013 she received the Spirit of CAPS Mb. award for demonstrating the spirit of sharing, leading and inspiring others and possessing the qualities of generosity, spirit, professionalism and reflected outstanding credit, respect, honour and admiration in her Chapter & community.

For over 8 years Stephanie has produced and hosted her own weekly broadcast radio show on Corus Entertainment called Your Life, Unlimited where she shares cutting edge success principles, interviews experts and helps her listeners become happier and healthier.

Her present career is influenced by her eclectic background of nursing, fitness, business and communications and her passion for personal growth. She has founded three businesses and was awarded the ‘Contribution to Community’ Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014.

Delivering authenticity, humour and heart, Stephanie will re-inspire, re-engage and refuel people through her high-energy and high impact keynotes.


Keynote Topic:

Keynote Description:

Jennifer Ménard-Shand – Indigenous French-Canadian Entrepreneur

As a First Nations Ojibwe and French-Canadian entrepreneur, Jennifer Ménard-Shand always dreamed of leading a purpose-driven organization. Today, she lives that dream as the founder and CEO of Staff Shop, an award-winning certified diverse staffing firm. Through sharing her inspirational entrepreneurial journey as well as insight into truth and reconciliation in the workplace, elevating Indigenous women-led businesses, supplier diversity, and the Canadian labour market, Ménard-Shand inspires leaders and their teams to reach their full potential both at home and work.

Ménard-Shand began her career in 2008 at one of Toronto’s most trusted full-service recruitment agencies, The Bagg Group. In 2013, she created Bagg @ Your Service, the organization’s first hospitality and event division, before purchasing her creation in 2018 and evolving it into Staff Shop. Today, her company services hundreds of clients across North America and deploys thousands of employees throughout Canada as a full-service staffing and consulting firm with a focus on global expansion.

Ménard-Shand’s entrepreneurial story celebrates the triumph of resiliency. She is a survivor of abuse, abandonment, domestic violence, imposter syndrome, and PTSD. She is committed to breaking the silence and putting an end to generational trauma and unhealthy cycles. There is no limit to the positive impact Staff Shop and Ménard-Shand can have on humanity. This is what drives her to do her best and inspire others to reach their full potential and leave a legacy worth following for future generations.

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