The The 2024 CIPMM Mentorship Program Registration is now open!
The Deadline to register is 31st January, 2024!

CIPMM, in partnership with the Government of Canada, would like to offer you an exciting opportunity to participate in the CIPMM Mentorship Program. The program is positioned to align with the development of key competencies and skills required in the procurement and materiel management professions, and to effectively help participants in their journey toward forwarding their careers and having life changing experiences. It is designed to help develop skills, to provide access to the information and resources, and to support your needs to realize your professional and career goals, including leadership opportunities.

Don’t Miss Out! The procurement and materiel management fields are exciting and are rapidly expanding within the Government of Canada. Help foster a sense of community within the Government of Canada and consider joining the Mentorship Program in 2024!


Want To Become A Mentor?

Would you like to have an opportunity to pass on your
knowledge and experience to others? Do you want to help support
a learning culture in the workplace?

Want To Become A Mentee?

Do you find it difficult to see a career path
within procurement or materiel management?
Are you wondering what comes next for you?