Our Vision

To be the national voice and professional home for the procurement and materiel management communities with the primary focus on the federal government of Canada.

Our Mission

To advance and promote professionalism and effectiveness in the fields of Procurement and Materiel Management within the federal public service, to advocate for recognition and engage capacity building for these communities, and to serve as a forum for information and best practices.

Our Values

We share the values of our members in promoting openness and transparency in all of our actions.

CIPMM History (1989-2022)

Established in 1989, CIPMM was first incorporated as a national not-for-profit corporation as the Materiel Management Institute (MMI). In 2006 the Organization’s name was changed to Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management (CIPMM), to better reflect the activities of association members in the profession.

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The founding members’ goals were to increase the profile and professionalism of the materiel management community (which included procurement at that time).

Currently the areas of the strategic focus include:

  • Community relevance and professional advocacy;
  • Increase/ develop/ support training opportunities for the professional development for the materiel management, procurement and fleet management communities;
  • Expand regional presence;
  • Partnerships;
  • Awards recognition program; and
  • Mentorship program.

The organization held their first Workshop in 1990, attracting 50 delegates. Several years later they included their first exhibition area in conjunction with the event. Today the event welcomes over 800 delegates, with a full trade show component. Recently the organization has enhanced their professional development offerings to include webinars, regional workshops, Fleet Workshop and an annual Emerging Trends Symposium.

A Mentorship Program was established in 2017 and has grown significantly since its inception. Upwards of 50 mentees now work with senior government department mentors each year to grow and fine-tune their skills.

Now in its 32nd year, CIPMM is regarded by those in the materiel management and procurement field as a leader in skills development and a strong voice in their community. More plans are underway to further the profile and professional development of those who CIPMM serves in the future.