2016 CIPMM National Workshop

 Event Program


Concurrent Session 1: Build in Canada Program
Concurrent Session 2: Government Procurement Obligations in Canada’s International Trade Agreements
Concurrent Session 3: The Challenges of Procuring in an Emergency N/A
Concurrent Session 4: Defense Procurement Strategy
Concurrent Session 5: Acquisition Cards, an e-Procurement Tool in the
Session 6: PSPC Client Satisfaction Survey N/A
Session 7: Don’t Take A Back Seat When It Comes To Your Ergonomic Health N/A
Session 8: Implementing Performance Standards
Session 9: City of Ottawa Implementing Supplier Performance Standards
Session 10: Are You Ready to Manage a P3 Relationship? You Decide N/A
Session 11: Managing the RCMP Uniform Program
Session 12: Does Your Procurement Comprehensive Land Claim Agreements (CLCA's) Have Obligations?
Session 13: Open Dialogue on the Certification Program for the Federal Government Procurement and Materiel Management Communities N/A
Session 15: OSME Supplier Survey Results
Session 16: Essential Transformation: A Vision for the Procurement Group in the Government of Canada
Session 17: Fairness Monitoring – Lessons Learned
Session 18: Collaboration and the Implementation of the Integrity Regime
Session 19: The Impact of Comprehensive Land Claim Agreements (CLCA’s) on your process.
Session 20: Fleet Management
Session 21: Buy and Sell Demo
Session 22: Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB) for Government of Canada
Session 23: Enterprise Assets Management Forum
Session 24: Procurement Modernization
Session 25: Best Practices in Government Contingent Labour Management
Session 26: Are We Sitting Ourselves To Death? N/A
Session 27: Managing Supplier Relationships
Session 28: Procurement as an Enabler of Innovation. Getting Procurement Right the First Time: Achieving Value for Money Against the Right Criteria set
Session 29: Enterprise Assets Management
Session 30: What is the Current State of the Materiel Management Community in the Federal Public Service?
Session 31: How Resource Supply Affects Procurement Strategy? N/A
Session 32: The Relative Value for Money (RVfM) Module in our AWARD Software N/A
Session 33: TBS Policy Reset: Overview of Proposed Changes to Procurement and Materiel Management Policy Instruments
Session 34: Public Servants Promoting a Greener Environment
Session 35 : Ethics in Procurement
Session 36: Procuring Abroad in a Volatile Market
Session 37: SSC E-Procurement / P2P in Action N/A
Session 38: Digital Government - Preparing for the New World of WorkDigital Government - Preparing for the New World of Work
Session 39: Overview of Lean Government