Preparing for 2021: Harnessing Change to Build a Culture of Trust

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Jill Birch, Leadership and Organizational Change Expert

Jill Birch helps audiences master 21st century leadership skills, going beyond today’s jargon and stereotypes to show what’s really needed to innovate and compete in today’s marketplace. Birch has been a CEO and member of several C-Suites and has facilitated leadership breakthroughs for Fortune 500 organizations around the world. Drawing on this experience, her captivating and customized presentations help inspire change, build leadership capacity, and drive competitive advantage.

As a consultant, Birch has worked with tech, energy, finance, telecommunications, professional services, education, health, and not-for-profit sectors. She uses relational leadership techniques — a new way to spark real and meaningful change in workplaces — to help leaders become more self-aware and fuse teamwork with organizational goals.

Birch developed the framework, “The Five Stepping Stones in Relational Leadership” to provide organizations with a practical, grounded experience in leadership development. Leaping across the five “steppingstones”, leaders put current behaviours under the microscope to identify what may be holding them back, and then develop practical strategies to navigate change, connect the dots, and grow competitive advantage.

In her engaging keynotes, Birch begins by deeply researching her client’s organization and sector. She then combines case studies with her framework to support leaders in unlocking “turning point” moments to ignite new behaviour. This greater self-awareness forges stronger connective and collective intelligence throughout an organization.

Birch holds a PhD from Griffith University in Australia, and an MA from the University of Toronto where she researched how CEOs learn to lead, and how they learn to learn. She is also a Certified Association Executive.


Date: October 14th, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Webinar Overview:

A key insight into workplaces doing well during the pandemic is how quickly they were able to pivot. Developing capabilities to transform ways of working together means embracing new ways to learn, to empower and generate a culture of trust. This means understanding how change has changed and acquiring new skills to become even more agile. This keynote will begin by exploring how workplace cultures are changing and ways to foster greater collaboration. We’ll look not only at best, but next practices as you work with your colleagues to develop connective team work. By harnessing a three- step approach of pausing, planning and preparing, you’ll be better equipped for the new world that awaits us in 2021.