An Orientation To Weighting – February 17th, 2021

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Drew Schlosser:

Drew Schlosser works for Commerce Decisions, where he is the Senior Procurement Consultant for Canada, responsible for consulting services and training delivery for the North America Sector.  Since joining Commerce Decisions in 2019, Drew has provided thought leadership and expert advice to several DND Major Crown Projects, including Future Aircrew Training, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, and Logistics Vehicle Modernization.

Drew is a 23-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy, where he was responsible for managing a number of materiel management programs and procurement projects, including bid evaluation design for the Canadian Surface Combatant, one of Canada’s largest procurements to date. 

Drew resides in Ottawa where you can find him on his cross-country skis in the winter or in a canoe during the summer.

Mike Ross, Principal Consultant and International Services Capability Lead, Commerce Decisions

An experienced Principal Consultant with over 35 years’ IT based experience. Now providing professional consultancy services for Commerce Decisions with a focus on international clients and global expansion of Services Delivery.

With Commerce Decisions Mike has had extensive experience in the development of evaluation strategies, evaluation modelling and the deployment of AWARD® and has led on the procurement processes for many high-profile projects from around the world, including the Future Fighter Capability Project (FFCP) and a number of other current Canadian DND projects.

Peter Marshall, Professional Services Director & Principal Consultant, Commerce Decisions

An experienced Principal Consultant and Professional Services leader with 20 years’ strategic public sector procurement experience and prior to that, 10 years’ experience of training and consulting in the software process improvement and requirements management industries.

Since co-founding Commerce Decisions, Peter has been a thought-leader in the innovation of new methods and thinking used by public sector strategic procurement projects to design effective evaluation scoring mechanisms, secure value for money and perform sensitivity analysis, as part of a coherent and robust procurement assurance process.  Peter has supported many high-profile procurement projects around the world including the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) and a number of other current Canadian DND projects.

Date: February 17th, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Webinar Overview:

In this webinar, Drew Schlosser from Commerce Decisions will share his experience on the challenges and opportunities in weighting of evaluation criteria.  Drew will walk fellow procurement professionals through various approaches to weighting, discussing the pros and cons associated with each, and delve into why choosing the right weights and the appropriate methodology are integral to your project’s success. 

Drew will refer to real world examples to demonstrate the importance of weighting and how being mindful of your weighting method can positively impact your procurement outcomes. He’ll introduce you to new concepts and ways of thinking, so you can add fresh value to your projects and provide significant benefits to your organization.

Following the presentation, Drew will be joined by two of his colleagues, Peter Marshall (Global Services Director, Commerce Decisions) and Mike Ross (International Services – Capability Lead, Commerce Decisions) to answer any of your questions.

Commerce Decisions is at the forefront of best practice procurement, having supported over $500 billion of procurement spend globally. Our best in class solutions combine software with thought-leadership and expert services, to support the delivery of the best possible outcome on the most complex of procurements. These solutions have been crafted and refined over the past 20+ years to support some of the largest projects in the world across defence, infrastructure, government and commercial. We continue to develop our offerings to reflect the very latest thought-leadership and industry changes.

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An Orientation To Weighting – February 17th, 2021