Introduction to Social Procurement

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Davis Lepage, BuySocial Canada
David LePage is the Managing Partner of Buy Social Canada, a network that advocates for and promotes leveraging existing procurement to create community value. Buy Social Canada provides direct support to governments and corporations on social procurement policy, practice and measurement, and offers a third-party Social Enterprise Certification Program. 

David LePage is engaged with social enterprise in multiple roles. David serves on several Boards of Directors, including the Social Enterprise World Forum and the Social Enterprise Council of Canada. He was the designer and initial Executive Director of Community Impact Real Estate in Vancouver’s Inner City and a founding partner of the Social Enterprise Ecosystem Project. Additionally, David is a Professor for the University of Fredericton MBA program in Social Enterprise Leadership, and author of the book Marketplace Revolution, from Concentrated Wealth to Community Capital.

Tori Williamson, Manager of Communications and Engagement, Buy Social Canada
With a passion for understanding the systems around us and working collaboratively on community-centred solutions, Tori believes in people and the power of shifting perspectives and objectives to create monumental change. At Buy Social Canada Tori spearheads engagement and communication, championing the work of social enterprise and social procurement.

Date: February 24, 2021
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Webinar Overview:

The why and how of social procurement: as social procurement emerges as a way to leverage existing buying choices for community value and it is increasingly a means to further government socio-economic policy objectives, we all need to gain a shared understanding of the principles and practices. The workshop will include definitions, application options, RFx language, and potential metrics built from Canadian and international examples.

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Introduction to Social Procurement