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The Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management's Awards Program recognizes exemplary contributions by individuals and teams involved in the field of materiel management, procurement, and supply chain management. The purpose of these awards is to provide an opportunity to recognize contributions by community members and to raise the profile of the procurement and materiel management function. 

Award Criteria 

David Swift Exceptional Contribution Award (Individual)

Established in 2010, this award was created to honour David Swift, 1966-2010, who was the founder of RFP Solutions, and a long-time member, contributor and thought leader to CIPMM. David Swift was recognized for his high ethics, integrity, and intelligence, as well as practical and implementable ideas. This award is focused specifically on an individual who, by virtue of their experience and expertise, makes a significant contribution in the operation of their division, group or department on a daily basis. The Award is presented annually to an individual whose commitment and service to the procurement community is deemed to represent the values that David Swift practiced.

Project Management Award (Individual or Team)

This category will recognize an individual or a team who has worked toward the successful completion of procurement or materiel management related project. Projects should demonstrate significant achievement, quality, and leadership in some or all of the following: research, analysis, project management, partnering, communications, client relations, human resources or materiel savings and profit.

Community Builder Award (Individual or Team)

This category will recognize the exceptional contribution of an individual or a team who has actively worked to build up the procurement and/or materiel management communities. Initiatives should focus on improving the community through capacity building, learning, professional development, partnerships, and engagement. Initiatives may involve employees within one organization or employees from two or more public sector organizations in either a single-function or cross-disciplinary mode.

Gary Jeddrie Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award (Individual)

This award was established in memory of Gary Jeddrie; a long-time champion of the importance of effective materiel management. The award will recognize an individual for unique or special accomplishments with identifiable impacts that have provided a significant impression in the procurement and/or materiel management fields. This individual has demonstrated an exceptional and sustained contribution, or made a variety of important contributions over a prolonged period of time. Nominees should demonstrate an outstanding level of personal involvement, effort, leadership, and achievement, of significant duration.

Excellence for Innovation Award (Individual or Team)

To recognize an employee, or team of employees, who have developed and/or implemented an innovation in procurement or materiel management which has led to a significant outcome for their department, agency or organization. Nominations should highlight the development of an innovative idea, solution, practice and/or project that has led to demonstrable result in advancing their departmental procurement and/or material management operations, by promoting a measurable increase in effectiveness, efficiency and/or productivity. The innovation developed can be replicated or adapted in other parts of the department or in other organizations.

Bursary Award for Full- or Part-time Students ($500)

This award is presented to a full-time student working in the public sector, or a full-time indeterminate employee enrolled as a part-time student, who has demonstrated a marked interest in furthering their career within public procurement and/or materiel management.

This is the only category for which an individual may nominate themselves. Candidates are required to submit the following:

  1. 500-word essay on “Why I find a career in Procurement or Materiel Management interesting and how I can or will actively engage and contribute to the community”;
  2. Letter of recommendation from their direct supervisor; and,
  3. Proof of enrolment in a post-secondary program leading to a certificate, diploma or degree in a field related to procurement or materiel management (i.e. Supply Chain, Logistics, Business, Commerce, etc.)



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