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CIPMM Procurement and Materiel Management Mentorship Program

The application process is now closed for the 2018 CIPMM mentorship program. But we would like to encourage you to take advantage of the speed mentoring at the 2018 National Workshop.
Registration will open soon for this opportunity!

Participation to the program is FREE

CIPMM, in partnership with the Government of Canada, would like to offer you an exciting opportunity to participate in its free inaugural Mentorship Program. The program is positioned to align with the development of key competencies and skills required in the procurement and materiel management professions, and to effectively help participants in their journey toward forwarding their careers and having life changing experiences. It is designed to help develop skills, to provide access to the information and resources, and to support your needs to realize your professional and career goals, including leadership opportunities.

Don’t Miss Out! The procurement and materiel management fields are exciting and rapidly expanding activites within the Government of Canada. This is a wonderful opportunity for all levels from the newly minted employees to executives alike. Help foster a sense of community within the Government of Canada and consider joining the Mentorship Program this fall!

How does it work? The CIPMM Mentorship Program is a 7 month-long program (November 2017 – May 2018) in which a diverse range of leaders share their experience with mentees. Mentors meet on a regular basis with four to five mentees for meetings and group discussions.

Spaces are limited.


Would you like to have an opportunity to pass on your knowledge to others? Do you want to help support a learning culture in the workplace? Mentors will provide an invaluable contribution to sustaining an effective workforce, share knowledge and experience, and help nourish a learning culture in the workplace.

Anyone at the supervisor level and above, who works (or has recently worked) in the procurement and materiel management community and who feels they may have some experience and knowledge to offer to junior procurement and materiel management employees, is eligible to become a Mentor.  

Benefits of Being a Mentor:

  • Develop leadership skills by sharing experiences in the organization.

  • Learn from the experiences of a new generation.

  • Develop your communication and personal skills.

  • Enhance your experience within the department.

  • Develop and retain talent for your organization.

  • Create a legacy.

  • Grow your professional networks.


If you would like to apply to be a Mentor on this Program, please click here for more information.
Download the application from here!

Do you find it difficult to see a career path within procurement or materiel management? Are you wondering what comes next for you? Are you unsure which job opportunities to pursue to give you the knowledge, competencies and skills desired by hiring managers? Are you looking for career advice but aren’t getting anywhere? Consider Joining the Procurement and Materiel Management Mentorship Program!

Benefits of Being a Mentee:

  • Get expert advice from senior officials in one-on-one sessions.

  • Acquire technical skills, discover leadership styles, and build professional relationships.

  • Expose mentors to new technological trends and emerging innovative procurement practices.

  • Identify future opportunities for career growth and view your organization from a different perspective.

  • Opportunities to access networks of skilled professionals.

  • Receive assistance in long term career planning.

If you would like to apply to be a Mentee on this Program, please click here for more information.

Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you have any questions or require more details.

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